Shaking off those excess kilos can be as simple as following these 10 steps to cut 400kJ. Losing weight need not be a complex process of counting kilojoules, following a ridiculously intense fad diet or obsessing about food.

Make these 10 easy adjustments and drop a jeans size (or two!) over a couple of weeks.

1. Espresso over latte

Order a single espresso instead of your usual latté for an early-morning boost.

2. No icing

Have that cupcake or slice of birthday cake, but scrape off the chocolate icing first. 

3. Mmm... Mustard

Add mustard to your sandwich instead of mayonnaise.

4. Thumbs up for veggie soup

Drink a cup of vegetable soup instead of “cream of” anything.

5. Swap out sour cream

Substitute Greek yoghurt for sour cream. 

6. Less oil, more water

Buy tuna packed in water (brine); not oil. 

7. Wine up

Sip on a single glass of wine (with lots of ice, if it’s white) instead of downing two beers. 

8. Water is good

Drink a glass of water between drinks to help you pace your alcohol intake. 

9. Drain fruit first

Drain the heavy syrup from your canned fruit; then rinse the fruit in water before digging in.

10. Crunch on carrots

Satisfy a crunch craving with baby carrots; not chips.

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