At one time or another we all get to that point where things just seem to be piling up on top of each other and you ask yourself ‘where do I even start’. It is almost too hard to start working your way through the pile, that you just walk away from it all together. Whether it is not having enough time in your day or your struggling to deal with work stress, these 5 everyday changes should help in clearing some brain power to ensure you can tackle anything coming your way with a positive and clear head space.

1. Set aside 30 minutes every morning

Whether you are living solo or have 4 kids fighting for your attention, take 30 minutes every morning for YOU. If that means setting your alarm 30 minutes before everyone wakes up, then do it. Treat yourself to laying in bed reading, or enjoy a coffee on the balcony. You may even have time to watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Whatever you feel is necessary to start the day free of worry, set some time aside first thing to get your day started right. Don’t start thinking about everything that needs to be done until you have taken sometime for yourself. That will overwhelm you and ruin the little time you have for yourself.

2. Take your lunch break

We are all guilty of it but that doesn’t mean that we should let it be the norm. Your work won’t be going anywhere but you can. You will be surprised at how proactive your afternoons will become when you step away for half an hour.  It is a small timeframe that resets your thinking and could even prompt more creative ideas or enhance your energy levels.

3. Write everything down

If your more inspired by the traditional way, grab your diary out of your bag and write everything down or if technology is more like your choice for list upkeep, pull out your phone and add to your list.  The powerful task of seeing everything that needs to be done in one list will ease your mind and make you realise that everything can’t happen at once. It allows you to prioritise and monitor your progress and that in itself will provide comfort in knowing that things are moving forward and will allow your mind to not become overwhelmed.

4. Walk, Walk & Walk

Getting your morning coffee…WALK.

Dropping the kids off at school…WALK.

Going to catch up with some friends…WALK.

When you opt to drive to all those places that are close enough to walk to, your depriving your body of boosting more endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical that your body produces naturally to deal with pain or stress. The more endorphins that your body produces naturally helps to maintain stress levels which will generally keep your mind at ease.

5. Zone Out

Feel proud to end your day with a clear mind and a feeling of accomplishment. This means that ATLEAST an hour before bed try not to look at your phone. Name and enforce it as the ‘Phone Free Hour’. As great as phones have been for us all, they have a very strong pull on our minds and we tend to forget to look away from them. Not having this small device around you will allow your mind to slowly switch off and it opens the opportunity to end your day the way you started it. Spending time on something you love. Remember – Whatever is playing on your mind at the end of the day, try not to let it consume you. This will impact your sleeping and concentration and more than likely it is something that can be actioned the next day so make sure you get those ZZZ’s to tackle the issue then.