Everyone dreams of having dazzling white teeth. As a result, many people are now obsessed with having glowing teeth. While it is true that Americans are more obsessed with this due to the Hollywood mentality, their counterparts in Australia seem to have adopted the new norm. Aussies have resulted to spending a lot of money just to have their teeth whitened in the dentist office. The average cost of teeth whitening is 800 Aussie dollars accompanied by 3 to 6 dental visits.

The bad news is that there is no permanent fixture to teeth whitening. Therefore, you will have to keep going back to the clinic which by the end is quite expensive. Some people result to using teeth whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. Both go for less than $10. But what if there was another way to whiten teeth naturally? People have woken up to a new reality which includes eating food to whiten the teeth. All these foods are healthy, and you will love them.

Foods for Teeth Whitening

    •  Apples - Apples are known for their health benefits. Many people are aware of the common saying that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ However, did you know that this fruit can also be beneficial to your teeth? Apples have a high concentration of malic acid. This acid helps increase saliva which in turn plays a significant role in stain removal. Several kinds of toothpaste also use malic acid for the teeth whitening benefit.

    • Pineapples - This fruit contains bromelain. Research shows that bromelain has cleansing properties and is also an active ingredient used in whitening toothpaste. So you might want to consider adding this fruit to your diet.

    • Strawberries - You do not want this fruit anywhere near your white clothes, but you surely need it for your teeth. Berries also contain malic acid. The vitamin C in strawberry can also help in the prevention of gum inflammation and periodontal diseases. You can opt to smash the fruit and then rub it on your teeth. Allow it to remain on your teeth for five minutes then gargle some water and brush your teeth.

    • Cheese, yogurt, and milk - The three contain lactic acid which plays a role in protecting the teeth against decay. Cheese contains calcium, phosphorus, and proteins which keep the teeth healthy. Hard cheese stimulates the production of saliva which helps cleanse the teeth. On the other hand, yogurt contains proteins that help protect the teeth from harmful acids that may corrode the teeth and cause cavities.

    • Broccoli - Not many people are fond of this vegetable. However, regardless of what you might feel about broccoli, it turns out you might need it for your teeth. This vegetable contains a high level of fiber. Eating foods high in fiber helps reduce inflammation in the mouth. Studies show that the iron contained in broccoli may help protect the teeth against corrosive acids. Therefore, it advisable to eat one broccoli a day for better and whiter teeth.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

    • Helps to improve self-confidence. White teeth give you the confidence to talk and laugh in public

    • Better oral health. People who spend time and money whitening their teeth are more prone to taking care of their teeth

    • White teeth help people to look more youthful. As we advance in age, our teeth lose their whiteness. It may be due to several factors such as exposure to foods. However, teeth whitening can help bring that youthful look back

    • A person with white teeth is always camera ready. We are in a ‘selfie’ era where everyone is going for mobile phones with the best camera pixels to take photos. As a result, there is the pressure of always looking good

    • A person can smile more. Smiling can brighten a person’s day. Our bodies produce endorphins which are ‘feel good’ hormones. People with stained teeth tend to laugh less than their counterparts

It is not easy being a part of this generation. There is so much emphasis on physical looks such that you cannot afford to look unkempt. According to experts, teeth whitening is the fastest and easiest way to look younger. Apart from the foods mentioned above, another way to keep your teeth white is by drinking water on a regular basis.

There are several teeth whitening options in Australia. However, dental teeth whitening is considered the fastest method of teeth whitening. Are you tired of deleting pictures because your yellow teeth are too evident? Then it is time you make the decision and take the next step of teeth whitening.

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Dr. Nick, principal dentist at Terrigal Beach Dental, Australia’s specialised dental practice located in the heart of beautiful Terrigal. At Terrigal Beach Dental we offer a relaxed modern environment and abide by the highest sterilisation and hygiene standards. Our experienced team of friendly dentists work with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to look after all your dental needs – gently, carefully and professionally.