Salt water comes with a number of great beauty and skin health benefits. Cheap to make at home, and free if you live close to the ocean, salt water can rejuvenate your skin and hair. Here are the top benefits that come to you when you use salt water in your beauty routine.


Salt water works well for skin conditions

Skin conditions from dryness to eczema and psoriasis can be more than just uncomfortable or unsightly. They can be painful, as well. Washing the skin with salt water can help. It contains magnesium, potassium, and calcium that help detoxify skin and leave it soft and smooth.


Salt water helps with acne

If you've spent hundreds over the years on skin products to fight acne, you should try salt water. Not only is it nearly free, it's a natural antibacterial and astringent. It can help tighten up your pores, remove excess oil, and fight bacteria to help with acne.


It can help you style your hair in waves

Salt water is well-loved for its hairstyling effects. All you need to do is to dissolve sea salt in water and add in a small amount of coconut oil. Put it in a spray bottle, shake well before each use and spritz evenly on the hair. When you comb your hair and allow it to dry, you'll find that naturally forms cool waves.


It can be a great way to wash your scalp

If you have very greasy hair, salt water can be a great way to remove the oil. Salt has oil removing effects. Washing your hair in salt water and then rinsing with fresh water can give you oil-free hair.


Salt helps heal the hair

If you frequently use chemical-based products in your hair, use curling irons, hair straighteners or hairdryers, your hair is probably somewhat damaged. Salt water can help. Not only can it naturally lend volume to hair that is limp with damage, but it can also clean hair of the build-up of chemicals left behind by various haircare products. Salt water can help rejuvenate hair.


It tones your facial skin

Many facial toner products on the market help shrink the pores, remove skin oil and tone the skin. Salt is capable of each one of these effects at a much lower cost than commercial products. Dissolve Himalayan salt in water, fill a spray bottle with it, spritz your face with it each morning, and wash off. You'll feel toned and oil-free all day.


Salt water is a great exfoliant

Salt water is able to remove dead cells from your skin better than many commercial products. While it exfoliates your skin, it can also tighten it up, and soften it for an overall feeling of health. To make your own salt scrub, wet a teaspoonful of sea salt with a few drops of water and add an essential oil of your choice. Rub the salt into your skin for a few seconds, and then wash off.

Some commercial formulations do work better than simple, natural products. You shouldn't assume that they do, however. It would make sense to make salt water a part of your beauty regimen to see how well it works for you.


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