There really are differences between a morning person and a night owl. Some of these differences are due to simple genetics, often discouraging those who hope to get started earlier in the day. Take the following measures to shift your natural tendencies to enjoy the benefits of a morning person, including a better mood, higher productivity, and a more conscientious way of living.

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule Gradually

The number one difference between a typical morning person and a night owl is their sleeping habits. Although your circadian rhythms might be telling you one thing, you can decide to override what your body is telling you to do. Consider what time you normally sleep, then go to bed a little earlier each night until you are on a schedule that fits your needs.

Refuse To Snooze

Something that morning people do that you, which you won't find from a night owl, is they turn off their alarm the first time it goes off. It is so easy to prolong sleep for an extra ten or twenty minutes, but if you want to start your day with the efficiency of a morning person, then you need to get up when you told yourself you would the night before. If you hit that snooze button, you won't be able to fall asleep so well at night, and those bad habits will creep back into your life.

Brighten Your Atmosphere During The Day

Your body reacts to the environment around you. Starting the day with bright lights, especially sunlight, is a great way to perk up your mood. Your mind will know it is time to get the day started, and you'll be ready to wind down when the time comes.

Turn Down The Lights At Night

Just as it is important to start the day off with bright, cheer-inducing light, you need to understand that the same bright lights can keep you up at night when it is time to sleep. As you are winding down, it is valuable to turn off unnecessary lights and put away the gadgets and screens that distract you from slumber.

Don't Let The Weekends Change you

Weekends are for relaxing. It certainly is for some people, but that doesn't mean your body will appreciate the inconsistent sleep schedule. Staying on course for an early bedtime and wake up will keep your system functioning at a higher capacity, giving you more energy for the day and a more peaceful night of rest.

Put It All Together

Becoming a morning person isn't easy, and it isn't likely to feel natural, but that doesn't mean it can't be accomplished. If you really want to become a morning person, then you're going to want to set yourself up for success by deciding from the beginning to stick to what you believe will work best. Take these tips as a guide to take the challenge head-on and brighten your day from start to finish.