Giving a gift is a rewarding experience, especially one that is well received. However, we all know how hard it is to buy gifts for the special men in our lives on their special day, Father’s Day. While cuff links, socks and tie hangers are all fine, wouldn’t it be nice to give something a little more personal? Whether looking for something sentimental, funny or luxurious, it is important to shop for their taste and not your own. Why should it be the thought that counts? Can the gift not count too?

Father’s Day gifts are always the best received gifts. The ones bought with your special Dad in mind, which evokes a smile or a memory. Those are the gifts that are remembered, not necessarily the ones with the highest price tag.

The first thing to do is think about who the gift is for. It sounds obvious but often we find ourselves picking out gifts that we would like. Ask yourself whether your Dad would also like it. For exciting and creative gift ideas, think about something hand-made rather than bought, like “IOU coupons” with a special day out that can be “cashed in”. The great thing about a gift like this is that it can be totally customised to suit the recipient and your budget. There is always something special about a gift that has been hand-made. Perhaps it is the time and effort that goes into such as gift which makes it so much more memorable, or perhaps it is the way it is made specifically for that special someone.

Gifts for family members that draw on a touch of nostalgia are often successful, with reminders of childhoods shared and a life well lived. Think back to how exciting birthdays/ Christmas and celebrations where as a child, and recreate a little bit of that magic with simple, thoughtful gifts. A framed photo of a special moment shared shows you care, or for the technology whizzes out there, a digital photo frame with your preloaded photos can go down a treat!

For adrenaline addicts, a gift experience is one that will always be remembered as special. What’s better than spending time together and creating new memories. Of course, gift experiences are not just for adrenaline junkies out there. There are so many options that you will be sure to find an experience to suit, whether it is an exciting rally race, adventurous hot air balloon ride, skydiving, or an peaceful massage.

Great gifts can also be funny or random, especially for that person who seems to have it all, and what better gift than laughter? After all, laughter is the language of the soul. If going down this route however, be sure that the laughter is coming from the recipient and not only yourself of course.

Buying presents for your Dad does not have to be stressful and difficult as long as you remember to consider their personality and character to find the perfect gift. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with gift ideas or are stuck in a rut, taking a step back from it all for a moment can help you regain perspective and open you up for new inspiration.

If a memory of your Dad is what you are celebrating this Father’s Day then spending some time together with loved ones celebrating this special day with a picnic or swim can be a beautiful thing to show appreciation and remember beautiful memories together.

And always remember, they will love ANYTHING that you give them. Even if it is a hand-made card.