Say goodbye to hormonal imbalance and hello to Shatavari -

Whether a youthful teen with skin issues, a 20-something suffering from stress, a 35 year old aiming to boost fertility or a 50ish female transitioning into menopause, modern women face a lifetime of hormonal change and imbalance. For years we have relied on an arsenal of short-term fixes, Band-Aid solutions and pharmaceutical medications to treat issues like PMS, acne, fertility and menopause, but finally we can rid our medicine cabinet of these lotions, potions and packs (along with the tampon tax) and replace them with one economical, natural and powerful alternative: the Ayurvedic herb, Shatavari.

On the heels of #metoo and the Female First movement, Shatavari is the only supplement that supports women throughout the hormonal journey of life – throughout adolescence to post-menopause. Plant saponins found in Shatavari work to modulate and boost oestrogen levels and luteinizing hormone, essential for period regularity, bone health, mood, conception and breastfeeding. Balanced oestrogen keeps you flush with feel-good serotonin, banishing anxiety and irritability to the sidelines. It also keeps joints lubricated, orgasms toe-curling, sleep restful and bones strong to protect against premature aging. Oestrogen balances the stress response, lightens superwoman expectations and eases the constant juggle of work/life balance. For this reason Shatavari is the female tonic your body has been desperately seeking.

In the treatment of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Shatavari works as a natural anti-spasmodic to relieve cramping, bloating and emotional sensitivity (1). Shatavari also treats symptoms of PCOS, decreasing the polycystic appearance of ovaries, balancing blood sugar and supporting ovulation (2).

In the fertile years, Shatavari supports follicular growth, egg quality and secretion of cervical mucous to prepare the womb for conception (3). As a breastfeeding aid, the herb boosts prolactin by 3 times to increase milk secretion and flow (4). In the treatment of menopausal symptoms, Shatavari acts as a phytoestrogen to relieve hot flushes, night sweats and anxiety (5).

Simply put: complaining of fatigue, irritability, anxiety, painful periods, lacklustre orgasms and low libido is now a thing of the past. Say goodbye to hormone imbalance along with the tampon tax; love your hormones and your body with Shatavari.


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