Motivation is a word that should get us thinking - Do we have it or are we lacking it? And if the answer is no you don’t have it, it can be quite consuming and in some cases, quite deflating. Especially in the colder months. Changing up some very simple things below in your day to day life might inspire an increase of motivation as well as encourage some positive thinking.


Sleep Early – Wake Early
Sleep is a precious gem that you should nurture. Don’t let it go easy and don’t over do it. We are all guilty of snoozing that alarm one too many times to get maximum comfort levels in before you start the day but sleeping too much can have a negative impact. Make sure to take advantage of as much daylight as possible after 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep Guide - 9.30pm : 5.30am. This will give you enough time in the morning to organize yourself and ease into the day at your own pace. When you start the day organized and ready for anything your will see an automatic increase to your motivational levels.


Write ‘Stuff’ down

‘Stuff’ is up for your improvisation to take the lead on. Write down a diary entry at the end of the day, or start your day by setting yourself some goals. It is completely up to you what you wish to document. Hopefully you will be really surprised at how much you read over your own words and find motivation. You may find that you didn’t do as much as you were hoping for, or you may surprise yourself at all the things you did that day. It allows you to juggle your tasks, feelings, thoughts and everything else in one place that you can review once a week and literally see the progression.



This simple change can have the most positive effect to your life, but requires the most motivation. The things to remember with exercise is to set a schedule and stick to it. Don’t over complicate it. Maybe start by walking 4 days a week for 30mins and sooner rather than later this routine will be the norm and you can insert new exercises into the mix. Once you start feeling and seeing the results of this, that will be enough to increase your motivation. You just need persist!


Get Social

At a minimum of once a week, make sure to be social. Have a group dinner, grab a coffee with a friend, join a book club. Do whatever works with your schedule, just make sure that you leave some time to stay close with the people in your life. Life can be all too overwhelming and sometimes we just need to take a step back from the necessities in life and remember what is important.  


Positive Words

Negative thoughts and feelings can all be very consuming. This change might no be welcomed by everyone but setting a positive vibe around your day from the beginning can have long term motivational impact.  Set yourself a goal to tackle the day in theme with your positive words. If it is ‘No Limits’ be sure to expand your brain power that day to the impossible and add that extra block onto your walking route. If finding words are become stressful within themselves, don’t worry. Always remember “there is an app for everything”. Positive affirmations app’s do exist and can prompt you with daily words without you even remembering.


Be Yourself

At the end of the day, stay true to who you are and this will bring you happiness. Happiness works on making you feel good about yourself which subconsciously motivates you all on its own. It’s the silent winner for motivation and will seamlessly make you feel accomplished.