For many women, their skincare routine is one of the most relaxing parts of the day. However, many people fail to give their skin some love before bed because they are too tired.

What you might not know is developing a consistent nighttime skincare routine will transform your skin for the better. It's going to take a few weeks to master, so do not expect instant results.

Remove makeup

You may have heard many times that sleeping with your makeup on is a mortal sin. A foam cleanser is not enough to remove the makeup on your face, so consider investing in a gentle makeup remover and an oil-based cleanser. This extra step will also help you get dewy skin.

Time for thicker moisturisers

Putting on thick moisturisers during the day may encourage acne. If you have dry skin, packing on your thick moisturiser before you go to bed is the way to go. This guideline works because thinner products will evaporate faster. Choose a product which has squalene or hyaluronic acid and don't forget to moisturise your neck area.

Try overnight masks

With Korean beauty masks filling shelves at your local beauty store, it is easy to find an affordable non-comedogenic mask that does not clog your pores. Try to incorporate masks into your nighttime routine for a much-needed extra boost of moisture. If you are breaking out, choose a mask that has detoxifying and antibacterial properties such as tea tree oil.

Don't forget your eye cream

While you may think that eye creams don't do much for your eye bags, your future self would thank you for applying this product. Since this part of your face has thin skin, it can easily show signs of aging. Think of eye creams as preventative care for your eye area.

Moisturise your body

Your face is not the only part of your body that needs TLC as you sleep. Don't forget to apply your favorite lotion on your body after you shower and shave. If your skin is feeling parched, you can add a couple of drops of body oil. Don't forget to hydrate your hands and your cuticles as well.

Drink water

Your skin will look better if your body is clean from the inside. So if you are wondering whether you should grab a glass of water, the answer is a resounding yes. Water expels the toxins in your body, making your skin clearer and suppler.

Ready for your nighttime skincare routine?

After you've finished a hectic day crammed with meetings, dealing with traffic, and dinner, you're practically ready to crash. However, don't sleepwalk to your pillow just yet. Even though it may be the last thing on your mind, complete your skincare routine first. You won't only look better, but you'll feel the difference too.