Have you been feeling the negative effects of dehydration? You need water flowing through your body constantly, or it won't function properly. Look at these simple tips to staying hydrated consistently.

Know That Everyone Is Different

Before you overthink your way to proper hydration, it is important to listen to your body. Each person has specific genetics, body type, and health concerns. Take the following advice, but not without realizing that you are an individual with your own needs, so evaluate how each tip will work for you, then make adjustments as time goes on.

Drink Water Early and Consistently

The most obvious part of staying hydrated is drinking water, but it's easy enough for the day to slip away without proper nourishment of the body. Everyone's personal needs are different, but half a gallon to a full gallon of water per day is a typical healthy range, so it's important to get started early in the day. Start drinking water first thing in the morning, keep a glass or bottle with you throughout the day, and take note of how much you have consumed as you go to stay on course.

Drink Water with Every Meal

Many people schedule their day around meals, so it's a great way to measure your hydration progress. Having water with every meal will not only help you reach your own water consumption goals, but will also help digestion, and keep you alert throughout the day.

Keep Water Handy

It's incredibly difficult to stay hydrated if you don't have water around you. Having a water bottle, preferably holding a minimum of 16 ounces at a time, can help you remember to drink and makes it easier to track your progress as well.

Sneak in Water with a Smoothie (Regular Fruit Works Too)

If drinking water all day seems like a bore, then finding clever ways to sneak it in might help you along the way. A fruit-based smoothie can be heavily loaded with vital nutrients and keep you hydrated. Alternatively, a bowl of fruits or a plate of vegetables will help bring in water as you eat.

Eat Food That Makes you Drink Water

It can be difficult to stay motivated when looking at yet another full bottle of water when you don't feel thirsty. Eating spicy foods will have you instinctively looking to down the water to cool your tongue and your digestive system.

Exercise and Replenish

A major benefit of water is its ability to cool down the body. If you're already cool enough, then water might seem less desirable. Ramp up your energy and heat your body temperature with an intense workout, which can cause you to become naturally thirsty, leading to more enthusiastic hydration.


The need for hydration should feel as natural as your need for food, sleep, and shelter. Still, it's easy to let the day go by without drinking enough water. Be mindful of your needs and take these helpful steps to keep yourself healthy and hydrated.