We tell ourselves all year we are going to exercise more and eat better and this definitely achieve our health goals, but somehow pulling out that swimsuit at the end of spring gets us all in a spin going straight to Google looking up the latest quick fix, only to be doing the same thing again the following year!

We know fad diets and quick fixed don’t work in the long term, so now is the best time to tackle your health and weight loss goals and get yourself swimsuit ready!

The weather is starting to heat up and the days are getting longer. Now is a great time to make lasting changes to your routine to see the lasting results you want to come summer!

Here are your top eight tips to get your body summer ready!

1. Watch your portion sizes

You’ve heard it before, but it does make a difference! Often it’s not what you eat, but how much of it you consume. We are all to used to finishing everything on the plate, so cut back on the serving size and there is less to finish.

If you are following a recipe, do your best to stick to the recommended portions. If the recipe says it serves 4, portion out 4 services and only have your one rather than 1.5 or 2 serves.

2. Eat enough vegetables

Following on from above we tend to overdo it on protein and carbs and never eat enough vegetables. The last national nutrition survery showed over 90% of Australians do not eat the recommended 5 serves. Yes 5 serves a day is the minimum we should be having! Eat up on the veg to help fill you up, but also load your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs!

3. Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep is so important for weight and health as your hunger hormones are regulated by sleep! Grehlin is the hunger hormone and leptin is the hormone that helps to suppress appetite. Insufficient sleep leads to lower levels of leptin, making your brain think you need more energy. The resulting over secretion of grehlin making her hungrier and eat more than you really need it.

4. Clean out the fridge and kitchen cupboards now

You can’t eat ‘bad food’ or less nutritious food if it isn’t in the fridge or cupboards to start with. Clear out your fridge, freezer and cuboards now and restock with nutritious, high fibre foods to help fill you up. Be sure the have plenty of fruit in easy view to snack on rather than high calorie processed foods.

5. Watch out for hidden calories

There are a lot of foods with additional calories you didn’t quite realise and too many of these could have you slipping up in the weight loss department too. The oil or butter you use in cooking and the sauces you add all end up in the food you eat and you could be using too much without realising. Healthy foods like nuts and seeds or good oils used as salad dressings are high in fat and therefore calories and it easy to have more than think of these sorts of foods.

6. Aim to move at least 5 times per week

What you eat likely accounts for 70% of your weight, but the other 30% is moving your body. You wont achieve your weight goals as easy if you don’t do some physical activity. Aim to be active at least 30 minutes each day 5 times a week. Pick an activity you enjoy and that will make it way easier to stick to!

7. Exercise with a partner

Making a date to exercise with a friend makes you way more likely to stick to your plan rather than hitting the snooze button or make excuses after work because you are too tired.

8. Organise active weekends and active catch-ups

Instead of meeting friends for yet another coffee, lunch or beverage session, make a plan involving activity instead! Why not go for a bush walk with a picnic lunch, try out indoor rock climbing or do a fitness glass before the coffee you will most likely have anyway.