Wait, Hold the phone, Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day?!

Earlier this year research out of Monash University in Melbourne showed that whether or not people ate breakfast did not have the big impact on our weight we once thought. The research looked at 13 randomised control trials from various countries spanning 28 years to see the effect breakfast consumption had on weight and calorie intake.

Previous research had showed you could be more likely to more calories later in the day if you skipped breakfast, but this research did not back up that claim. In fact breakfast consumers had on average 260 calories more over the day, though there was very little difference between weight in the breakfast eaters vs non breakfast eaters.

Now before you go changing your habits, bare in mind this research only looked at the effects of breakfast on overall calorie intake and weight.

There are still many other benefits to eating breakfast! These include mental alertness, improved concentration, and improved problem solving skills, which is very important for performance in the classroom and at work. People who eat breakfast have also more likely to be in a more positive mood and reports increased energy levels.

Looking too at the research from Monash, if by eating breakfast I could consume an additional 260 calories daily and weight the same as I did if I were to skip breakfast I think I’d choose the extra calories.

When it comes to health what you put in your mouth is of up-most importance. Whether you eat a pastry for breakfast or a pastry in the afternoon, you are still eating a pastry, and you could probably have chosen a more nutritious food.

If you enjoy starting your day with a meal, be it large or small, keep doing it as there are benefits! Though if breakfast just isn’t really your think, this research is saying you don’t need to stress over forcing something down if you don’t want to.

If you do eat breakfast, think of it as another opportunity to nourish your body with some good food it needs such as wholegrain, a serve of calcium, fruit or some good protein. Some of my favourite options are:

-          High protein yoghurt with muesli, chia seeds and trail mix

-          Porridge with yoghurt and berries

-          Wholegrain or sourdough toast with ricotta cheese and tomato

-          Wholegrain or sourdough toast with an egg

-          Homemade breakfast muffins or slice

-          Or and good old smoothie with milk, yoghurt, fruit and LSA for some added nutrients

If a healthy breakfast, without the pain of making it everymore is what you are looking for. Check out my recipe for Healthy Breakfast Muffins Here.

Written By: KB Nutrition     Instagram - KB Nutrition