Whether the notion of the summer party season provokes a quiver of excitement or a stomach-churning wave of Grinch-like disgust depends on a few important factors – how much you enjoy making small talk, how much you relish the chance to dress up, and how far you are willing to go for a free canapé and a glass of sparkling. But never fear, regardless of these things, the secret to party season survival begins with your liver and the power of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Detox.

Unlike the headache that disappears with morning hydration, the liver bears the long-term consequences of overindulgence – with the job of clearing the blood of alcohol, bacteria, allergens and metabolism of fats and sugars, the liver works its hardest through the never-ending cycle of festivities that is the Australian summer party season, and so supporting this major organ is as essential to summer as BBQ’s and the beach.

Luckily, the supplement of the silly season packs a powerful punch of nutritional support and organ regeneration through a unique blend of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, globe artichoke and milk thistle.

The dangers of an expanding waistline and next-day bloating present special challenges through this time, as strict diets and light meals give way to endless nibbles and copious glasses of Prosecco, and cocktail parties that drift into late-night dining cause havoc with our metabolism. Apple cider vinegar aids digestion through this time by boosting levels of stomach acid to enhance digestion and absorption of protein, carbohydrates and fats. It is shown in clinical studies to demonstrate an anti-glycemic effect in humans (1); simply, it balances insulin levels and blood glucose, and helps our body to increase fatty acid oxidation and prevent fat storage (2). A win for the not-so-bloated next-day tummy and the little black dress!

Weight gain: check. But those horrible effects of the morning gin & tonic overdose? Milk Thistle is a liver regenerative herb found in Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Detox that contains antioxidants to guard the liver against the effects of alcohol, making this herbal remedy your best hangover support. As a protective agent, milk thistle supports liver cells to suppress toxin penetration and stimulates cell regeneration and membrane recovery, in order to greatly boost liver function (3).

Turmeric also helps to protect against alcohol-induced liver injury and works to inhibit lipid peroxidation (4). As a potent anti-inflammatory, turmeric also aids skin health to guarantee selfie-ready skin for the party season. Skin inflammation is the major cause of collagen breakdown and wrinkle development, and also contributes to flare-ups of underlying skin conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema; luckily, turmeric is the superman-style spice ready to kick inflammation to the kerb to guarantee a glowing antioxidant-rich complexion.

Mouthwatering cocktail canapés are often high in saturated fats and rich carbohydrates, and scarily the average Australian gains 1-1.5kg over the summer season (researchers have identified that this weight gain is rarely lost over the next 12 months and appears not only as muffin top that creeps over your waistband, but also as increased blood markers of cholesterol). Thankfully, Globe Artichoke shows potential in reducing cholesterol levels (often attributed to overindulgence) by limiting lipid peroxidation and balancing blood glucose levels (5), so tackling the unhealthy remnants of party seasons past is easily done with Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Detox. Globe Artichoke also boosts bile production to help with digestion of fats and rich foods, reducing symptoms of discomfort, flatulence and bloating, to keep you swim wear ready.

Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Detox blends the digestive benefits of apple cider vinegar with natural herbs, milk thistle and globe artichoke, and the antioxidant capacity of turmeric – in doing so, it provides your liver with active support and a little much-needed silly season T.L.C. It helps your body to function at its best in its state of gluttony we know as summer party season, and protects your best organ from chronic champagne-induced damage. With Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Detox, Cinderella or Prince Charming can go to the ball (and tomorrow’s after-party BBQ) knowing that post-indulgence bloating, digestive discomfort and the silent suffering of toxic poisoning (also known as a ‘hangover’) are addressed and treated and long-term damage averted...The secret to every party person’s success: Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Detox (and a good camera angle).


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