Bioglan Organics Coconut Oil 1L (900g)

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Coconut Oil is rich in MCTs - medium chain triglycerides (good fats), that are easily digested and burned for energy and do not raise cholesterol. Coconut Oil is not damaged by heat so is ideal for use in cooking, or can be taken as a supplement and can also be used externally for hair and skin care.

1kg (900g)

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What is Bioglan Organics Coconut Oil for?

Healthy Metabolism & Weight Support Immune System Heart Health Energy Production Whole body health Hair, Skin & Body Care Not damaged by heat Use in cooking, as a supplement and externally for skin and hair.
Why Cold Pressed?

The best oils are cold pressed. Cold pressed oil is obtained through pressing & grinding coconuts at lower temperatures to retain their beautiful aroma, flavour and nutritional value.

Rich in Lauric Acid
Lauric acid is known to have anti-bacterial and immune properties.

Medium Chain Triglycerides
Bioglan Organic Coconut Oil is unrefined and contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s). MCT’s are smaller molecules known to be easily digested and burned for energy.

Who is Bioglan Organics Coconut Oil for?

Anyone who cooks, bakes or uses skin care products, anyone with babies or children.

When should I take Bioglan SuperFoods Coconut Oil?

Why should I take Bioglan SuperFoods Coconut Oil?

Cooking, Health, Nourishing Goodness, Hair & Skin care, Natural remedies.

Use in place of other oils, butters, fats, as a spread, or for baking & frying, becomes flavourless during cooking. Can be added to salads, dressing & smoothies.

General Consumption:
Take 1 tablespoon daily.

Hair & Skin Care:
Use as a body moisturiser, apply directly to skin, use as hair conditioner; place jar in warm water to liquefy the oil then apply 2 teaspoons to hair 1-2 hours before washing.

Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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