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Multivitamin and mineral with Omega-3 and Iodine for preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Contains sulfites and soyabean products. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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What is the Fefol Multi-Preg for?
Fefol Multi-Preg is a multivitamin and mineral plus fish oil supplement, providing support for you and your baby's daily needs during preconception, pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Packed with 17 essential vitamins and minerals including 500 mcg of Folic acid which reduces the likelihood of neural tube defects, 250 mcg of Iodine for your baby's healthy brain and central nervous system development. And Iron to support the increasing demands of iron to make extra blood for you and your baby during pregnancy. It also contains Vitamin D3 which supports calcium absorption and normal bone growth and development. Plus Omega-3 for healthy brain and eye development.
Who is Fefol Multi-preg for?
Fefol Multi-Preg supplies 17 essential vitamins and minerals and fish oil for you and your baby during preconception, pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. 

When should I use Fefol Multi-Preg?
Fefol Multi-Preg can be taken at least one month prior to conception, during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Fefol Multi-Preg provides nutrients involved in very early stage of foetal development

Why should I use Fefol Multi-Preg?
Taking a multivitamin is very important during pregnancy to ensure the health of both you and your baby. The increasing demands on your body, stress and maintaining a healthy diet can often leave nutritional gaps. Fefol Multi-Preg provides the nutritional support you need during preconception, pregnancy and whilst brestfeeding. 

Adults: Take one capsule daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Do not exceed the stated dose except on medical advice. If you have had a baby with Neural Tube Defect you should seek specific medical advice. Advise your doctor of any medicine you take during pregnancy, particularly in your first trimester.

Store below 25C

Dosage form: Capsule, soft

Quantity: 60 soft capsules

Active ingredients per soft capsule:
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 60 mg
Betacarotene 5 mg
Biotin 30 micrograms
Calcium carbonate 250 mg
- equiv. to calcium 100 mg
Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) 12.5 micrograms (500 IU)
Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 12 micrograms
d-alpha-Tocopherol (vitamin E) 6.98 mg (10.4 IU)
Ferrous fumarate 37.7 mg
- equiv. to iron 12 mg
Fish Oil 741 mg (44.5 mg EPA & 185 mg DHA)
Folic Acid 500 micrograms
Magnesium oxide-heavy 24.9 mg
-equiv. magnesium 15mg
Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) 7.5 mg
Potassium iodide 328 micrograms
-equiv. Iodine 250 micrograms
Pyridoxine hydrochloride 1.5 mg
- Equiv. pyridoxine (vitamin B6) 1.23 mg
Riboflavine (vitamin B2) 1.5 mg
Silicon (as Silica colloidal anhydrous) 17 mg
Thiamine nitrate (vitamin B1) 1.5 mg
Zinc oxide 12.4 mg
- Equiv. zinc 10 mg

Contains sulfites, soyabean products and fish products


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