Go Natural Natural Energy Bar Almond Cashew 45g

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Protein? Go natural! Go Natural Natural Energy Bar Almond Cashew is gluten free. Contains nothing artificial, no preservatives and low sodium.

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Contains Vitamins and minerals for:
Healthy Bodies
Source of Dietary fibre.
Source of Protein.
Magnesium - important for nerve & muscle function.
Zinc - maintains hair/nail health.
Vit B3 Niacin - necessary for normal energy release from food.
Low in Sodium.

Brain Food
23% RDI Magnesium
29% RDI Vit B3 Niacin
15% RDI Zinc

Immune Support
Source of Zinc

Cell Protection
Zinc - contributes to cell protection from free radicals.

Store below 25°C

Nuts [Peanuts (36%), Cashews (11%), Almonds (8%)], Seeds (18%) [Sunflower, Sesame (5%), Pepita (4%)], Rice Syrup, Honey (7%), Puffed Rice (Rice, Rice Bran), Prebiotic Fibre (Chicory Root Extract).

Contains Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Sesame Seeds. May Contain Traces of Milk, Soy and Other Nuts.

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