Kids Smart Milk Buttons Probiotics Chocolate 150s

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Crunchy munchy milk snack with added probiotics

Contains milk & soy products.

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Kids can enjoy Milk Buttons as an easy, convenient snack after school, perfect as a lunchbox treat or great as an on-the-go nutritious top up whilst busy being active! An action packed schedule can mean big gaps between meals so grab Kids Smart Milk Buttons with Probiotics for home, school, sport or play!

Milk you can munch! Kids Smart Milk Buttons with Probiotics is a delicious, nutritious, crunchy bite of real milk goodness. Made with 100% Australian milk, Kids Smart Milk Buttons with Probiotics is a nutritious snack providing 16% of the recommended daily intake of calcium* and wholesome nutrients naturally found in milk.

All the goodness of Probiotics! To make each Kids Smart Milk Button even better for your family we’ve added the probiotic goodness of Lactobacillus acidophilus. Crunchy, munchy snacks kids love! Crunchy and munchy, Kids Smart Milk Buttons with Probiotics is the delicious way for your kids to get the goodness of milk, calcium and probiotics.

The perfect crunchy, munchy everyday snack your kids will love!

*Recommended daily intake for 4+ year old children

Directions for parents:
Children 4+ years: Enjoy up to 10 Milk Buttons per day.

Milk Powder (whole milk powder) (70%), Dextrose, Cocoa powder (8%), Magnesium Stearate, Lactobacillus acidophilus (0.03%).
Contains: Milk & Soy products.

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