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The easy & delicious way to take probiotics everyday! Nature’s Way Restore Probiotic ChocBalls are a delicious way to support general well-being, and because they taste great, the whole family will love them!

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Restore Probiotic ChocBalls deliciously roll together  3 billion friendly probiotics in each chocball and include L. acidophilus and B. lactis – two probiotics, plus a prebiotic to support probiotic intake. One chocolate ball contains good bacteria equivalent to approx.  3 tubs pf 150g std. yoghurt plus the antioxidant goodness of dark chocolate.

We use a special chocolate formula, not only because of it’s smooth velvelty taste, but also because it is thought that it keeps probiotics alive better than dairy products. We make sure that the right levels of good bacteria reach your stomach for probiotic goodness!

1-4 probiotics balls daily. If you don't feel 100%, you can take the benefits of more than just one.

WARNING: we do not recommend purchasing this product if you live in warmer regions of the country. Chocolate melts above 25degC - whilst we endeavour to ship your good in the best possible condition, we take no responsibility for products that melt in transit.

Premium dark chocolate [sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, 476), flavour], glazing agent (904), Inulin (5%) (prebiotic), Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis.

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