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Nature’s Way Super Coconut Oil is possibly nature’s healthiest oil! Pure, unrefined and island fresh, no other oil compares to it’s cooking versatility and amazing benefits. 100% organic, Super Coconut Oil is great for:

Hair and skin health
Everyday Vitality and Wellbeing
Baking and Cooking
MCFAs- Medium chain fatty acids- Lauric, Caprilic and Capric Acid.

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Nature’s Way Super Coconut Oil is a premium, cold pressed, organic coconut oil that can withstand high temperatures, unlike other oils. This means it is perfect for stir fries and frying, as well as baking, grilling, basting… Even as a healthy alternative to butter or additive to coffeee for the ultimate bulletproof coffee.  You can even use it as a natural moisturiser for the skin or deep conditioning treatment for the hair.

100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed coconut Oil.

That’s it… nothing more, no preservatives, no nasty stuff.

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