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Nature’s Way Organic Turmeric Fusion is 100% sugar free, delicious tasting and packed full of goodness.

Spice up and cool down with Nature's Way Organic Sparkling Turmeric Fusion. Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom considered turmeric a sacred spice, important for whole body wellness and balance. 

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Nature’s Way Organic Turmeric Fusion is a refreshingly spicy turmeric drink with over 2000mg of turmeric* & packed with a delicious kick of ginger & pear flavour -  100% natural and 100% sugar free!

*equivalent to 2,000mg fresh turmeric rhizome.

Shelf-stable. Best enjoyed chilled. Invert before opening. 

Caution: Do not shake. Refrigerate after opening. Drink within 2 days of opening.

Contains not more than 0.5% alcohol by volume due to the nautral fermentation process.

Purified water, naturally fermented glucose, probiotic culture, organic green tea, turmeric extract, organic stevia, natural flavour

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