Nature’s Way Kombucha Sugar Free Tropical 330ml

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Nature's Way Kombucha (kom-boo-cha) is nature's naturally sparkling health drink that is refreshing and delicious. Kombucha is known to be full of the goodness of naturally occurring probiotics, enzymes and other nutrients.

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Through the power of natural fermentation our Kombucha is alive; a living health drink that is nourishing and balancing.  And it's not just us who think so - for thousands of years people have been enjoying Kombucha to help bring balance to the body.

Nature’s Way Kombucha is nature’s long-aged, naturally fermented sparkling Superfood drink, that is 100% sugar free, refreshing and delicious. 

Purified Water, naturally fermented glucose, kombucha culture, organic green tea, organic stevia, natural flavour.

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