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Collagen supplement for glowy, firm skin.

Contains soya and sulfites.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

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Beauty Begins Within
Collagen is one of the key building blocks of our skin that helps keep it silky, soft and plump. However, as the years go by, our body's natural production of collagen depletes. SUP™ Inner Glow Collagen helps support collagen production, skin elasticity and firmness, minus the one-hour skin routine.

Why POP SUP™ Inner Glow Collagen?
Our team of naturopaths have combined key ingredients like vitamin C, Biotin and Resveratrol in a matrix of 1000 mg of collagen peptides per tablet, to help:
Support skin elasticity and firmness
Maintain healthy hair, skin and nails
Support collagen production

Adults: Take 3 SUP™ tablets daily with food or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Store below 25C.

Dosage form: Tablet, film coated

Quantity: 60

Active ingredients per tablet:
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 12 mg
Biotin 2 mg
Reynoutria japonica (Japanese Knotweed) root extract dry conc. standardised 20 mg
- Equiv. Reynoutria japonica root dry 2 g
Silicon dioxide 32.14 mg
- Equiv. silicon 15 mg
Zinc amino acid chelate 15 mg
- Equiv. zinc 3 mg

Excipient ingredients per tablet:
Collagen (hydrolysed) 1000 mg, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, magnesium stearate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, povidone. Coating: Opadry II (PI 11378), Opadry (PI 106944), carnauba wax.

Contains soya and sulfites.

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